Any modification request relating to a connection to Orly made with the Self-Connect service must be made directly with the airline concerned and with the services of Dohop Connect, who must always be contacted first at the risk of accidentally invalidating the protection of your correspondence. Your booking references are available in the Dohop Connect confirmation email.

You can contact Dohop Connects via email at service@dohop.com or via telephone on:

Is it possible to add extras like additional luggage or baggage allowance, or choose its seats?

Adding extras such as additional luggage or baggage allowance and seat selection are not available at the Self-Connect counter.
Please check the airline’s website and your booking file to directly handle these requests.

Traveling with children?

The rules for transportation of children may vary by company. Thank you for taking note of the terms and conditions of the airlines at the time of your reservation.

Can you book for a group?

The rules for group management may vary by company. Thank you for taking note of the terms and conditions of the airlines at the time of your reservation.

What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

*For Paris Orly

If you miss a flight of your correspondence, please contact Dohop Connect by email at service@dohop.com or via telephone at:

What happens when I land? How does the connection work?

When you land at Paris Orly, proceed to the baggage reclaim to collect your bags as normal from the carousel. Then proceed to the desk for Self Connect services (Paris Orly) in reclaim where their friendly team will take your bags and help you connect to your next flight.
At all airports, once you have dropped your bags or if you have no bags, you can then proceed directly through security.

Opening hours

Paris Orly: service is open from 07:00 – 24:00 every day.

When should I check in and can I check in for all flights at once?

You must check in for each flight individually and within the time limit specified by each airline.

Is there a Minimum Connection Time (MCT) for Self Connect Service at Paris Orly? What happens if I have to transfer between terminals?

Paris Orly

Self Connect Service is subject to a 2 hour 30 minute ‘Minimum Connection Time’ (MCT) between your scheduled flight times at Paris Orly which will give you plenty of time to transfer between flights and/or terminals.
Should your first flight be late in arriving and cause your transfer time to fall below this limit, please go to the Self Connect Service desk in the baggage hall – they will do their best to re-accommodate you, but please note that if you are under the MCT for reasons outside of the service provider’s control, then the service may not be provisioned. Please see T&Cs for details.

What happens if my bag gets separated from me or if I forget to collect my bag after my first flight?

Paris Orly

Proceed to the Lost & Found Desk (Arrivals Floor). Staff will assist and accompany you in the baggage reclaim area to pick up the forgotten luggage.

I have limited mobility and require either a wheelchair, or assistance in transferring to my next flight

Once you have made your booking, please contact the airlines directly. Self-Connect Service doesn’t provide PMR assistance.

Can I pre-clear United States Customs & Immigrations if this is available at my originating airport?

You are required to pass through security and immigrations before transferring to your next flight; you cannot pre-clear these for the United States in advance.

Do I need a visa to self-connect?

To self-connect at Paris Orly, you must enter France.
Dependent on your nationality, you may be required to obtain a visa to enter the self-connection hub. Please check the foreign travel guidelines for France in your country of nationality.
You may also use TravelDoc to check whether you have the necessary travel documentation to travel to any destination and whether you will need additional documentation such as a visa for your journey.

Can I include a stopover overnight?

Overnight stays are not allowed.


Paris Orly

For Self-Connect assistance you can contact: contact@selfconnect.com.
For information regarding Dohop Connect, you can contact via email at service@dohop.com or via telephone on:

Which airlines can I use the Self-Connect airport service with?

Decision in progress.

What should I do when I land at Paris Orly?

Once you land, collect your bags from the baggage reclaim hall and go to the Self Connect services desk, where our friendly team will assist in connecting you to your next flight, allowing you to go straight to security without having to take your bags with you.

Where are the Self-Connect desks located?

Our desks are in the baggage reclaim halls in each terminal, serving both domestic and international flight arrivals.

Is Self-Connect Service open 24 hours a day?

In Paris Orly, Self-Connect Services is subject to airline operating times and opening hours. Our desks are open from 07.00 to 24.00 daily. If you have missed a connection outside of these hours, you will need to telephone Dohop Connects.

Can I use Self-Connect services if my arriving and departing flights are from different terminals?

Yes, the Self-Connect services can be used if you are transferring between flights on airlines within the same terminal or between terminals.

Will a flight wait for a Self-Connect Services passenger who is late because their earlier flight in is delayed?

No, airlines are very strict about schedules and punctuality and they usually don’t wait for any passengers. If you need to transfer between the two terminals to catch a connecting flight, you can just hop on the free shuttle.

Who can benefit from Self-Connect services?

Anyone arriving and departing from Paris Orly with the majority of airlines on the same day can use our flight connections service called Self Connect services. We can even issue your onward boarding card (if you don’t have it already) and make sure your bags get on to your next flight.

How does it work?

  1. Collect your luggage from your arriving flight and go to the Self-Connect desk in baggage reclaim
  2. We’ll check you in, take your bags and make sure they’re loaded onto your next flight
  3. Then just exit through Customs, head straight to security and eventually through to the departure lounge

Why use Self-Connect service at Paris Orly?

What is a DohopConnects Protected Connection?

A DohopConnects Protected Connection means that in the event that your inbound flight is delayed or cancelled, and you miss your outbound flight, Dohop will ensure you get onto the next available departure to your destination, at no extra cost to you. Dohop will also provide you with hotel and food vouchers if necessary.

What have I been charged for?

The charge is for the Self-Connect service at Paris Orly and is per person, per departure from your connecting airport.

Can I book without a Self-Connect service?

You can book your flights without the Self-Connect service ; however you will not receive the benefits of the Self-Connect service.

What should I do if I have booked the DohopConnects protected connection and I have missed my connecting flight?

Once you land at Paris Orly, collect your bags from the baggage reclaim hall and go to the Self Connect desk, where our friendly team will assist in connecting you to your next flight. In the event that your flight has been significantly delayed and you have missed your connecting flight, Dohop will ensure that they arrange an alternative flight that will allow you to continue your journey to your final destination.

Who should I contact about my booking?

If you have a question about your booking or would like to change or cancel it, then please contact Dohop Connect at service@dohop.com or via telephone at: